Thursday, December 22, 2011

When there's no one around to talk to...

... I go to my blog that hasn't had an update since October and type a new post. First semester of college senior year has come to an end and I've had a crap ton of time to do whatever I want. :D So I've been drawing so many concepts (finally) that I've had in my brain for forever, as well as making some plushies as Christmas gifts for some friends. :)

On another note, I've been having really strange dreams for the last 2 days. They seem to have some reoccurring themes, too, most notable something about me driving in hazardous conditions and feeling unsure of myself amidst the whole trip. Anyway, I'm just gonna break it down into bullet points of what I can remember:

Dream from 2 Days Ago
- My grandpa, my mom, my brother, my cousin, and I were in a car, but this car was literally just a flat piece of paper with creases where we sat. I was driving down a windy road that got windier and crazier as I drove on. I remember stopping at this really tall, steep hill - there was no way I was going to drive up that thing.

- My grandpa gets out of the car and I get concerned because he's out in the middle of the highway. But he casually walks about, waving at some people in the distance who turn out to be my extended family. We all get out of the car and suddenly the highway turns into what looks like a lobby area. The steep hill is now an escalator.

- My extended family walks up to greet us and we're all very happy. Some of my friends from high school and college are among my family members, too, for some reason. Then we all just kinda hang around the foot of the escalator, but I notice my family keeps looking up to the second floor as if waiting for someone to show up at the top of the escalator.

- After a few minutes of loitering, some close friends of mine from high school suddenly show up at the top of the escalator. They're all ecstatic, shouting that they just won a contest. They slide down the rails of the escalator and jump around excitedly amidst my family and I. We all greet them happily, too.

- I think someone else showed up after my friends at the top of the escalator - and it was the person my family and I were all supposedly waiting for - but I can't remember their face because I woke up.


Dream from Yesterday
- Dream begins with my brother, my cousin, and I just got out of a Pendulum concert and we're trying to get back home. Two of the band's members join us and we're all going to the same destination. We all get into a Prius (lol).

- My cousin tries driving us away but it's dark out and it just rained, so the roads were extremely slippery. He drives like a maniac and we're going nowhere so I decide to take over. I manage to make it safely out onto the highway, though the entire time I'm driving I'm extremely nervous.

- We end up in a suburban neighborhood that looked like it got snowed in. The roads are clear, but there's snow all over the houses and front lawns. Strange thing about this place: I'd been in this neighborhood before in a previous dream, or at least in the dream, I remembered this location. It's no longer apparent that the two other passengers in the car are members of Pendulum. They just kinda turn into faceless people that my brother, my cousin, and I seem to know.

- I can't remember this part, but along the way we stop because of two adorable, fluffy bunnies hopping in the snow. They look lost so we bring them into the car and try to help them find their home. We drive to the other end of the suburban neighborhood and drop them off in the snow. While we drive away,  I can't help but feel guilty for some reason. What if those bunnies weren't lost? I started feeling bad that we may have stolen away these two bunnies away from their home.

- Suddenly, the whole dream shifts into what looks like a movie. (This movie kinda felt like the beginning of Mulan, just to give a frame of reference.) I become this tomboy, princess character who looks like Zhang Ziyi. I have to go to this palace and pass an etiquette test in front of the royal family in order to become a full-fledged princess. My father takes me to the train station that takes me to the palace and wishes me luck.

- I arrive at the palace and I'm not looking forward to becoming a full-fledged princess. I hate being somebody I'm not, so the whole time the royal family's doing this test I'm being as rude and repulsive as I can be. I remember there being a bunch of princesses/sisters of the royal family who keep pestering me about not being proper and crap and I just ignore them and continue being rude.

- The family is not pleased and they force me to leave the palace at once. I don't mind it, but when I arrive at the train station to go back home, everyone in the station is humiliating me. The train conductor starts making rude remarks at me, then suddenly my father shows up and intervenes. He defends me, which surprises everyone at the station. The conductor asks why is he so adamant on protecting me. My father responds by listing everything a proper woman should be. (I can't remember specifically, but I remember the words "etiquette" and "subtle".) I remember him saying, "My daughter is none of these things, but that is why..."

- I woke up.

So yeah, there's my two crazy dreams I remember recently. There were some other small sections in these dreams I can't remember clearly, so I left them out but the main gist of the dream's here. Just felt like sharing some dream stories.

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  1. The Prius part made my entire day XD

    These are intriguing! I hate it when dreams cut off right when they get interesting. I wish I was there D: