Amanda B. Cha (GameShrimp)





Graphic Artist/Illustrator

Artist for majority of illustrations posted on label's social media accounts.

Branding designer for KUURO, Tokyo Machine, and Monstercat's "UNCAGED" cat heads.

Other select cover arts:
- Dion Timmer - "Panic", "Lost", "Till I Make It"
- Direct - "Too Far Away"
- Dirty Audio - "Gorilla Glue", "Roller Coaster", "Alien Cookies"
- Droptek & Vorso - "Smog"
- Feint ft. Laura Brehm - "Words"
- Infected Mushrom - "Spitfire"
- Marshmello - "Alone The Remixes"
- Pegboard Nerds x NGHTMRE x Krewella - "Superstar"
- Rameses B - "Virtuality", Nova" "Something Real"
- Rocket League x Monstercat Vol. 3
- Stephen Walking - "HEY!", "Wake Up, the House is Underwater!"

Merchandise design for Tokyo Machine and various Monstercat items.


Dion Timmer
     - Rebrand involving character designs.


     - Designed 3 Halloween flyers:
                    - Kayzo's Haunted House & Merchandise Takeover
                    - Kayzo Doghouse Takeover - Austin
                    - Kayzo Doghouse Takeover - Chicago


Kill the Noise
     - Designed the "Fallout" t-shirt graphic.

Knife Party
     - Designed and animated the "Battle Sirens" single cover and music video.


Blackout Music
     - Designed the artwork for Optiv & BTK EP "Dark City".

Sotto Voce Records
Freelance Graphic Artist
     - Designed the artwork for Tinlicker EPs "Into the Open" and "The Space In Between".

Knife Party
     - Designed the graphic used in the gatefold for the "Abandon Ship" vinyl release.

     - Character branding.
     - Illustrated two banners also used as album/EP covers.

Made Monster
     - Revamped the character branding.

     - Character branding.

Panda Eyes

     - Character branding.

Zenter Music
     - Character branding for "Phonic Heroes - Movement (Compilation 1)".


Contract Graphic Artist/Illustrator

Designed cover artworks for:
- Aloma Steele - "Baestation"
- Day One - "Eon", "Serenity"
- Insan3lik3 - "The End"
- Makina - "Makina"
- Rob Gasser and Auvic - "Suave Cigar Bros."
- Savant - "Cult Collab", Throwback Mix", "Waffle Mix"
- SirensCeol - "The Method to Madness", "The Method to Love"
- Sneo - "Terra"
- Soltan - "Soltan"
- Stuart Software - "All Over You"
- Twistex - "Lume", "Rush"

Other Illustrations and Design work:
- Banner illustration for Savant's "How I Roll" Remix Beatport Competition and "Survive" Remix Competition, powered by Battery Energy Drink
- Rendered Savant's El Ray Halloween show poster.
- Designed four "kawaii" t-shirt graphics for Savant.

- Video editor and various sprite artist for Savant "Sledgehammer" music video.

Contract Graphic Artist/Illustrator
        - Designed single track cover for 7 Minutes Dead - Act III.
        - Designed The Best of 2013 poster.
        - Sewed Monstercat plushie prototypes.
        - Designed character branding for Pegboard Nerds and illustrated these singles and EP:
                    - "Hero" 
                    - "New Style"
                    - "BADBOI"
                    - "Emergency"
                    - "Try This"
                    - "Swamp Thing"
                    - All tracks and Splice Sounds art for the Pink Cloud EP.
                    - "Luigi's Mansion"
        - Designed the Monstercat "Uncaged" tour poster. 
        - Modeled, textured, and rigged Pegboard Nerds characters in their video: "Pegboard Nerds Invade Colorado".
        - Designed single cover for Jauz and Pegboard Nerds "Get On Up".
        - Designed single cover for Krewella, NGHTMRE, and Pegboard Nerds "Superstar".


FiXT Music
Freelance Graphic Artist
       - Designed characters for musicians on the FiXT label to be used as t-shirt graphics.

Merlino Entertainment 
Character Concept Artist and Illustrator
       - Designed several character races.
       - Painted several card illustrations.

Left Coast Games 
Art Director
       - In charge of developing and delivering all art assets: environment and character concepts, GUI, and sprite animations.

MG Studios
Freelance 3D and Texture Artist
       - Responsible for retopo, UV, and textures for character models.


Wicked Loot Studios
Contract Concept Artist
       - Worked on character design concepts.
       - Assisted in establishing art direction and story elements.


"Raxon Universal Dominion"
Freelance 2D Color and Texture Artist
- Colored and textured various mech and vehicle designs.
        - Assisted with line art.

- Proficient with Photoshop.
- Modeling, texturing, rigging in Maya, in addition working in Zbrush and UDK.
- Explorative with plushie and costume prop making.

Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL
B.F.A., May 2012.       Major: Game Art and Design
-       Card game mod selected for Best of Ringling 2009.
-       Modular character and concept painting selected for Best of Ringling 2011.
-       Received the 2011 junior Game Art and Design Materials Award.

- Best of Ringling – Entrant, 2011. Concept art for Simon, senior thesis idea.
- Best of Ringling – Entrant, 2009. Card game mod, 3 Demons.
- Board member of the Mercersburg Academy Accreditation for Growth/Planning Team. Similar to a student government (2007).
- Layout Designer of the school art magazine: Blue Review, receiver of a Silver Crown Award in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association annual competition (2008).

Activities and Interests: electronic music, video games, sewing plushies, parkour, and giant or human-sized music inspired robots.


  1. woooooow!!! your work is amazing and the idea of a dj-themed videogame is one of the best ideas of the world!