Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dream Worlds

Lately I've been thinking about the weird dreams I have. I've noticed that there are at least 3 different dream worlds I go to, and each world has it's own theme and feel.

The Mall
The first always takes place in a mall. Sometimes this becomes an outdoor place, but it's usually indoors. In these dreams, I'm always hoping from one store to the next, looking at the merchandise and admiring it but never buying anything. I'm usually with other people, usually close friends. I want to say this mall is based off various different malls I've been to in my lifetime, but I'm unsure. The odd thing about it is, every time I have dreams that take place in this world, only one or two corners of the mall remain consistent - the middle of the place constantly changes from one dream to another. Like, I know there's a movie theater with a long, colorful hallway in one corner, and an anime/hobby store on the opposite end of the mall.

The Campus
Another world takes place in a combination of all the school campus' I've attended, normally grade school to high school. In these dreams, I'm always looking for someone. I almost always find the person I'm looking for, but when I find them, they're not happy to see me. These dreams tend to be more dismal, as the sky and atmosphere of this world is almost always gray and overcast.

The City
The last world I remember frequently takes place in a huge city, much like New York. I usually end up around a Times Square-like area in the city, and in the middle of this Times Square is a massive ice cream castle, something that looks like it came from Candy Land. These dreams are often action packed, involving parkour, running around alleyways, gun fights, etc. I also have dreams that take place in small neighborhood districts, but in the back of mind (in the dream) I somehow know this neighborhood is in the same city I've seen in other dreams.


And now for some dream art. The image shown above is from the most epic and visually stunning dream I've ever had - so much that when I woke up I immediately turned on the computer and began drawing this dreamscape. This is what happened in the dream:

- I was a sniper soldier, lost in a snowstorm on some mountain top. It was cold and I could barely see anything, but I knew I was headed for a lookout/ski lodge somewhere on this mountaintop to seek refuge until the snowstorm let up.

- When I made it to the lodge, it was abandoned. I wandered around the desolate place. Plenty of rations and sleeping bags everywhere - where did all the people go? Suddenly, I heard something shuffle in the corner of the lodge. I pointed my sniper rifle at the source of the sound, only to find a man cautiously approaching me with his hands in the air.

- Surprised to find someone else in the lodge, I asked him what happened. This is what he told me:

- The environment of the dream shifted into what looked like a huge library. It looked like a very spacious Barnes & Noble with a tall ceiling. I was wandering around the library (as myself for some reason, not the man telling the story), looking at the books on the shelves. Other people crowded the spaces between the shelves, reading and observing the books, too. I was with two other people - friends in the dream but people I've never met in real life.

- One of the friends warned me that someone in the library was looking for me. I began to get cautious and out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a woman wearing all black, gothic punk like clothing. I somehow knew this woman was the one looking for me.

- The woman noticed my glance and pointed me out from the crowd. She conjured a spell that morphed the library into a dark cathedral (image above). The already huge space of the library expanded even more - the ceiling acting almost like a sky. Wispy shadows crept all over the floor, like a storm of clouds was raging above our heads. The whole space was lit a poisonous green. Also, there were these towering mounds that looked like termite hills. (I still don't know what they were or what they did.)

- The evil woman, now a "witch", was searching for us as my friends and I tried searching through some shelves for several ingredients to make a potion that makes people fly. For some reason, I remember looking for a Pikachu, which I eventually found and it was following me.

- The witch found us and started charging at me. My friends helped mix the ingredients together and gave me the potion, which gave me huge, magnificent wings. I picked up my friends and flew straight towards the witch, but instead of engaging in combat, I burst through one of the stained glass windows to escape the dark cathedral.

- I heard the witch cursing at me from the cathedral as I flew off into the snowstorm outside.

- And that was the story of the man in the ski lodge.

- End of dream.

And that is what I can remember from that dream. 0_o More may be posted.