Wednesday, October 9, 2013

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 6

Starting batch 7! 

Ziv (Krewella)
     - Ziv is a Hebrew name meaning "light" or "glow", relating to Krewella and Gareth Emery's song "Lights and Thunder". Name is subject to change... it was the best one I found at the moment.
     - Ziv's design is heavily influenced by Krewella's Play Hard EP.

There needs to be more female characters to the EDM Arena roster! Also, batch 7 is probably going to take a long time to complete, so don't expect the finished batch any time soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Moar Plushies

I went on a plushie-making rampage one day. I have too many plushies. Help.

This little guy was made from R KP's rejected leg and G KP's rejected head. A great friend of mine put the two pieces together and thought of this amazing Journey idea. The plushie belongs to him now, but it's one of my favourite KP-related plushies I've made.

Wanted to make a SkriRex plushie and cut out a pattern for him on a whim. Turns out the pattern worked beautifully and now there'll be an army of baby, plushie t-rexes.
I originally wanted to make the default, black haired, dark purple skinned SkriRex but the hair that I used for R KP was too short to emulate Skrillex's hair. I had a bunch of red fur from a previous plushie project I did that involved red hair that was the right length for Skrillex. Then I had a bunch of pink fabric lying around... so pretty pink SkriRex! :D He now has custom kandi thanks to a tumblr friend who made some for him. :)

I made this guy a day or two before October - was getting into the Halloween zone. Finally made a pattern for KP heads and it worked! Also tried to find another design to use more of that red fur.

With all these plushies lying around, some sort of giveaway may happen. Stay tuned. ;)