Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Daily Painting Challenge 2015

This marks the third year of doing the ODPC (probably will just call it October Playlist for simplicity's sake), and the second year of fully completing the challenge. :D (Here are the two previous years' images: 2014 / 2013) And this year's Playlist was completed on time, yay!

 Left to right:
Adrians Rhythm - Two Fingers
The Hole Where Your House Was - Spor
Banshee - Noisia
Midnight Runner - Pendulum

 Night Owl - Savant
Metamorphosis - InsideInfo ft. Miss Trouble
Nobody's Out There - The Upbeats
Murder of Crows - Knife Party

 Occult Classic - Kill the Noise
Battalion - Black Sun Empire
Caracal - Disclosure
Secret Smile - Technimatic ft. Lucy Kitchen

 The Seafox - Galantis
A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo! - Feed Me
Little Monsta - I See Monstas

 Hyenas - Noisia, Calyx & Teebee
The Space In Between - Tinlicker
Blood Sugar - Pendulum
La Lune - Madeon

 Lucid - SNAKE & WOLF
Mansion - Gareth Emery, Ashley Wallbridge
Haunted House - Knife Party
The OWSLA Room - (various OWSLA artists)

Foyer Four - Deadmau5 / I See Monstas / Mystery Skulls / Protostar
The Parlour - Knife Party / Savant
Hide and Seek - (various Monstercat artists)
Let's Be Friends - Let's Be Friends

 What Do You See In Me? - Teddy Killerz
The Great Room - (various artists)

Day 30 had a special post, the official [default] skin illustration for The Upbeast:

- Based on the artwork for The Upbeats' LP Nobody's Out There.
- This piece is a mix between traditional and digital drawing. The wolf and snake were done with a mechanical pencil and then the rest was done and touched up in Photoshop.

And Day 31 is a photo, mainly showcasing a large plushie that took 24 hours straight to hand-stitch:

More pics of big Feed Me soon! :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Art from Work

Here are some released EP covers I designed over the past few months:

Pegboard Nerds: Swamp Thing

Jauz x Pegboard Nerds: Get On Up

(Follow the story images of this EP here)

Animation Test

Practiced some animation a couple months ago, here's the rough and final together:



Music Art Dump

I haven't been updating this blog with art recently, so here's a bunch of music-related arts that've happened from July till now:

EDM Arena-based Art:

Lord Pendulum "Origin" Skin
(In honour of Pendulum's album "Hold Your Colour" which was released 10 years ago.)

Two-headed Crow
(Based off of Knife Party's recent crow imagery for their Halloween show in London.)

Newest EDM Arena challenger! (Based on Galantis)

Explorative Music Art (mostly dnb):

 Left: Beneath the Skies / Right: Humanoid
(Been listening to new drum n bass. Left based off of Technimatic (Desire Paths LP) / Right based off of The Prototypes (City of Gold LP))

Top and bottom images: Choosing For You
(Bought the I Am Legion LP. Images above were inspired by the music video for "Choosing For You", top guys: Foreign Beggars / bottom: Noisia.)

Society of Num3ers
(Collab project between The Upbeats and Armanni Reign - my body needs more music from them :P)

Dead Limit
(Chibis of The Upbeats and Noisia based on the artwork for their newest EP: Dead Limit)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shedd Aquarium

Visited Chicago for the first time this weekend! Took some photos at the Shedd: