Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Upbeats - Primitive Technique Plushies

I made these plushies around late September to October last year. This is the official post of these two plushies, inspired by The Upbeats' Primitive Technique LP.


Turnaround Shots:

About / Making of:
     - These two plushies, Snake and Wolf, were the first cloaked plushies I've made.
     - I attempted to make Snake first because I thought he'd be easier, but I ended up messing up the entire plush. This was because the fabric I was using to make the cloak wasn't the best material - too stiff and didn't flow the right way I wanted it to. Plus the base body had a different head (featured the Non Vogue "X" logo as the face). The black, snake-skin fabric draped over Snake's cloak was the only piece I could salvage from the mess up.
     - Snake's hood was frustrating to make. I think I had to go through 3-4 patterns to finally get the hood to look the way it does in the photos.
     - Wolf ended up being the easier plush to make, with no mistakes during the creation process, but took the longest to complete because of the layering of his costume.

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Photo credit: ukf.com

Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 POKEDDEXY Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!!! Since 2013, Kez and I have collaborated on the POKEDDEXY challenges. This year, we decided to do Pokemon fusions:

A little bit about how we did this challenge:
     We took turns drawing each day: I had the odd number days while Kez took the even days. On the days we had to draw, the person not drawing would tell the drawer what their Pokemon selection was that day. The drawing artist's Pokemon would be kept secret until the fusion was finished and posted on tumblr.

For the individual, higher-res posts of each Pokemon, visit either Kez's tumblr, or mine. :)