Wednesday, June 4, 2014

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 8 and 9

Two-part character reveal for Batch 7!!!

Dillon Faceless (Dillon Francis)
     - Faceless was first teased in one of the comic panels from this post.
     - Based off of Dillon Francis' internet personas. From left to right: Dillon loves Taco Bell (default pose holding the taco), middle guy is DJ Hanzel, and third is DJ RichAsFuck.
     - Faceless is a rogue A.I. who's origins are currently unknown. He makes his first appearance by sabotaging Channel 42, completely rendering the entire TV station inoperable. He may or may not have a connection with the local taco place, DJ Awareness Tacos... (a Dillon Francis reference)
     - In game, each of Faceless' personas differ slightly in techniques and strategy. To become Hanzel, he puts on a pair of shades, DJ RAF a hat, and back to Dillon consuming a taco. He has a "super" mode called "Burnin' Up" (based on of Dillon Francis' songs dubbed the same name) in which he gets a glowing pair of eyes and shoots rainbow lasers and cats out of his face (reference to the Burnin' Up music video).

Chella (Dog Blood)
     - The development of this character was aided by a great friend of mine, hybridblood.
     - Chella's name is based off of one of Dog Blood's songs "Chella Ride".
     - Vulgar (based on Dog Blood song "Middle Finger"), intimidating, and prone to mindless violence, Chella is one of nastiest characters to roam The City. A bounty hunter from the same solar system as Mirza, she's on a mission to hunt Mirza down for a wrong that she did in the past. Mirza is unaware that she has a bounty on her head, but her nomadic nature helps cover her tracks from the likes of Chella.
     - Chella occasionally plays guitar and even then she's still terrifying. (Based on another Dog Blood song "Shred or Die".)

Only one more character left for Batch 7!

Tiny Keyboard

R felt left out while G spent hours of the day practicing on the bass, so I made him a little keyboard:

Detail shots:


Same as the bass guitar, the keyboard is crafted out of cardboard and masking tape. Painting the tiny details took several hours to complete as well, with the exception of the lines that divide the keys which was done with a 0.25 point pen. Reference was based off of Rob Swire's keyboard:

(Photo credit ?)