Monday, September 14, 2015

Art from Work

Here are some released EP covers I designed over the past few months:

Pegboard Nerds: Swamp Thing

Jauz x Pegboard Nerds: Get On Up

(Follow the story images of this EP here)

Animation Test

Practiced some animation a couple months ago, here's the rough and final together:



Music Art Dump

I haven't been updating this blog with art recently, so here's a bunch of music-related arts that've happened from July till now:

EDM Arena-based Art:

Lord Pendulum "Origin" Skin
(In honour of Pendulum's album "Hold Your Colour" which was released 10 years ago.)

Two-headed Crow
(Based off of Knife Party's recent crow imagery for their Halloween show in London.)

Newest EDM Arena challenger! (Based on Galantis)

Explorative Music Art (mostly dnb):

 Left: Beneath the Skies / Right: Humanoid
(Been listening to new drum n bass. Left based off of Technimatic (Desire Paths LP) / Right based off of The Prototypes (City of Gold LP))

Top and bottom images: Choosing For You
(Bought the I Am Legion LP. Images above were inspired by the music video for "Choosing For You", top guys: Foreign Beggars / bottom: Noisia.)

Society of Num3ers
(Collab project between The Upbeats and Armanni Reign - my body needs more music from them :P)

Dead Limit
(Chibis of The Upbeats and Noisia based on the artwork for their newest EP: Dead Limit)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shedd Aquarium

Visited Chicago for the first time this weekend! Took some photos at the Shedd: