Friday, August 22, 2014

Sporwun Plushie

I didn't have a design planned out before sewing this character. The plushie is about 8 inches tall and uses nine fabrics. The bandana graphic was painted freehand except for the band of triangles around the skull, which was done with a stencil. The final design uses logo/mascot elements from Kill the Noise (diamond eyes and bandana), Feed Me (green colour and sharp teeth on bandana graphic), and Spor (white hoodie, face, and headphones).

Sporwun's name comes from Spor and Ewun (currently known as Feed Me and Kill the Noise, respectively). In the EDM Arena world, Sporwun is a fusion between Silence and Nom Nom. He doesn't show up until much later in the storyline.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Pikachu Used Thundershock 7

Bringing in chicks to the roster:

Since it's been a while between posting the individual characters, I'm copy/pasting their descriptions to this post:

Ziv (Krewella)
     - Ziv is a Hebrew name meaning "light" or "glow", relating to Krewella and Gareth Emery's song "Lights and Thunder". Name is subject to change... it was the best one I found at the moment.
     - Ziv's design is heavily influenced by Krewella's Play Hard EP.
     - Ziv is a guardian of sorts in the EDM Arena universe. She resides in the hidden caves under the Lonely Mountain.

Dillon Faceless (Dillon Francis)
     - Faceless was first teased in one of the comic panels from this post.
     - Based off of Dillon Francis' internet personas. From left to right: Dillon loves Taco Bell (default pose holding the taco), middle guy is DJ Hanzel, and third is DJ RichAsFuck.
     - Faceless is a rogue A.I. who's origins are currently unknown. He makes his first appearance by sabotaging Channel 42, completely rendering the entire TV station inoperable. He may or may not have a connection with the local taco place, DJ Awareness Tacos... (a Dillon Francis reference)
     - In game, each of Faceless' personas differ slightly in techniques and strategy. To become Hanzel, he puts on a pair of shades, DJ RAF a hat, and back to Dillon consuming a taco. He has a "super" mode called "Burnin' Up" (based on of Dillon Francis' songs dubbed the same name) in which he gets a glowing pair of eyes and shoots rainbow lasers and cats out of his face (reference to the Burnin' Up music video).

Maki (Mat Zo & Porter Robinson)
     - This is my first attempt at a dual-artist character. Maki and her little partner Evander come from Mat Zo and Porter Robinson's music video "Easy". At first, the Maki character was solely going to be the Porter Robinson character, but it was more interesting and made sense to include Mat Zo with the design since "Easy" was a collaborative song.
     - Porter's influence is seen in Evander, who's face and glitchiness comes from Porter's upcoming album "Worlds". Maki's outfit uses influence from Mat Zo's logo.
     - Maki's sketch had been sitting on my computer for quite some time and it was because I had a hard time figuring out what she should be wearing. I modified her outfit from "Easy" and also looked at some of the practicality from the costumes in Firefly because of her backstory.
     - After her little escapade in Neo Tokyo (or wherever the "Easy" music video takes place), Maki decided to remain outside of civilization and live a quieter life. She went further into engineering (because it would be interesting if she built the EMP bomb/explosive thing hidden in the duffel bag from the music video) and took an interest in communications (based on Porter Robinson's song "Language"). Evander was upgraded to Evander 2.0, who's still a little glitchy but helps Maki record, communicate, and understand alien languages, such as the ones spoken by Skrillien and Nom Nom. Maki set up a base of operations outside of The City called "Synapse Dynamics" (song by Mat Zo) and her work in communications has greatly aided in the advance of Channel 42, the world's #1 TV station, run by Redmau5.

Suzy (Caravan Palace)
     - Bringing in more genres to this roster, with some electro swing!
     - Suzy's name comes from one of Caravan Palace's songs, dubbed the same name.
     - Her design is based off Caravan Palace's robot character, seen on their albums and music videos.
     - Suzy is a resident of The City, specifically the around old town district.

Chella (Dog Blood)
     - The development of this character was aided by a great friend of mine, hybridblood.
     - Chella's name is based off of one of Dog Blood's songs "Chella Ride".
     - Vulgar (based on Dog Blood song "Middle Finger"), intimidating, and prone to mindless violence, Chella is one of nastiest characters to roam The City. A bounty hunter from the same solar system as Mirza, she's on a mission to hunt Mirza down for a wrong that she did in the past. Mirza is unaware that she has a bounty on her head, but her nomadic nature helps cover her tracks from the likes of Chella.
     - Chella occasionally plays guitar and even then she's still terrifying. (Based on another Dog Blood song "Shred or Die".)

I've already started planning ahead for Batch 8. It'll probably still take a long time to complete tho. Here's a teaser:

Friday, August 8, 2014

EDM Arena: Character Skins 4

New skins for some new tunes this year:

All of these skins are based off of new EPs or albums that were released this year by each characters' respective artist. Details:

- {Ritual} The Upbeats - Rituals EP.
- {Coelacanth} Deadmau5 - while(1<2) album. Three tracks on this album have "Coelacanth" in the title.
- {Psychedelic} Feed Me - Psychedelic Journey EP.
- {Tank} Noisia - Purpose EP.
- {Protos} Savant - Protos album. (Released today!!)

Stay tuned for more 2014 skins! ;)