Thursday, July 18, 2013

Bionicle Redesign

My younger brother and I loved the original Bionicle toys growing up until the Rahkshi story arc. We split the six Toa (the main heroes) between us, and among the three that I owned, Kopaka was my favourite.

(Original Kopaka. Image found on

The original Kopaka was the Toa of ice and protected the snowy regions of Mata Nui (the continent Bionicle takes place). His unique abilities included x-ray vision and a sword that can shoot ice beams. In the second "season" of the Bionicle story, when the Toa became Nuva, Kopaka's sword turned into a double-ended blade staff. The blades could separate and attach to the bottoms of Kopaka's feet to be used as skis. I wasn't a big fan of the Nuva series, but I did like the skis idea.
So taking all of his functionalities and abilities, I painted a redesign of my favourite Bionicle character:

I added skates to the backs of his ankles that can slide and attach to the bottoms of his feet, similar to Kopaka Nuva's skis. The blue lights on his visor-less mask act as cameras - the larger blue light on his right eye provides Kopaka with stronger x-ray vision.

If anyone reading this blog post remembers the original Bionicle toys, you're the best and may you be awesome forever. If you read the Bionicle comics, you win at life. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

Heroes' Tale: Elemental Being

Here's my second reveal for Merlino Entertainment's role-playing, trading card game: Heroes' Tale! It features a summoned being made of earth and rock. I had a ton of fun playing with design sketches for this character:

And this is the final result:

Creature Lore:

"As the enchanter read from his scriptions, the earth began to rise and take shape."

As each day went by, the swarm grew stronger and more aggressive. The Eastern Empire's causalities kept on growing and growing with no end. In order to enlist more aid, powerful magic was created to bring the earth to life. These elemental beings became the perfect soldiers to help hold back the forces of the swarm. Since these creatures where not made of flesh, yet rock and dirt, the swarm would not be able to feed off of them to grow their own ranks.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 5

FINALLY, after 5 Playlists of "Pikachu Used Thundershock", I've done a Noisia character:

N01-Z!A (Noisia)
     - I've been wanting to do a Noisia character ever since Playlist 1, but had a hard time trying to figure out what to base it off of. It suddenly hit me yesterday: the recent, 3-dot logo reminded of Splinter Cell, then a robot character with 3 eyes.
     - Most of the colour scheme and markings comes from Noisia's name logo. The brass parts were inspired by their Machine Gun EP.
     - N01-Z!A is an all-range battle machine with the ability to switch into 3 different forms: a land-trekking tripod, biped mode, and an air/water ship mode. The tripod's legs double as boosters in all forms while the small, two arms on the dome area serve as hidden machine guns. (The alternate forms idea came from Noisia's name being "Vision" reverse, upside-down.)
     - N01-Z!A is also a professional waiter. Because why not :P