Sunday, March 30, 2014

Process Log 22: Mivari

This log documents the concept process of creating a character brand for an electronic artist named "Mivari".

The wings were scrapped but otherwise the desired final product was a semi-realistic illustration of the Mivari character. I had set the canvas dimensions to Facebook cover size:

And here is the final render:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

EDM Arena Paintings - Ziv and The Upbeast

Similar to the 2013 October series, I think I'm going to a series of EDM Arena paintings that feature characters using or are themed off of songs from their respective artists. Here are paintings for Ziv and The Upbeast:

Ziv - Lights & Thunder
Song: "Lights & Thunder" by Krewella ft. Gareth Emery

The Upbeast - Bones
Song: "Bones" by The Upbeats ft. Ned Worboys

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pegboard Nerds HERO

The very first commission I received from Monstercat was to paint an illustration featuring my Pegboard Nerds character, Rivet, with mods of the two guys that make up the duo, Alex and Michael. The piece was finally used as album art for the group's latest single "Hero"!

(Original depiction of Rivet)

EDM Arena Comic Teasers

Development of the EDM Arena story is currently in the works. Here are three pages of separate parts of the story:

A virus has infected Channel 42! How will Redmau5 deal with this AI?!

G and Stranger stumble across an enraged Vicious Infectious! What will happen next?!

Skrillien loses control of his ship! What is this strange planet he's about to crash land onto?!

Monday, March 3, 2014

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 7

Second character reveal for batch 7!!!

Maki (Mat Zo and Porter Robinson)
     - This is my first attempt at a dual-artist character. Maki and her little partner Evander come from Mat Zo and Porter Robinson's music video "Easy". At first, the Maki character was solely going to be the Porter Robinson character, but it was more interesting and made sense to include Mat Zo with the design since "Easy" was a collaborative song.
     - Porter's influence is seen in Evander, who's face and glitchiness comes from Porter's upcoming album "Worlds". Maki's outfit uses influence from Mat Zo's logo.
     - Maki's sketch had been sitting on my computer for quite some time and it was because I had a hard time figuring out what she should be wearing. I modified her outfit from "Easy" and also looked at some of the practicality from the costumes in Firefly because of her backstory.
     - After her little escapade in Neo Tokyo (or wherever the "Easy" music video takes place), Maki decided to remain outside of civilization and live a quieter life. She went further into engineering (because it would be interesting if she built the EMP bomb/explosive thing hidden in the duffel bag from the music video) and took an interest in communications (based on Porter Robinson's song "Language"). Evander was upgraded to Evander 2.0, who's still a little glitchy but helps Maki record, communicate, and understand alien languages, such as the ones spoken by Skrillien and Nom Nom. Maki set up a base of operations outside of The City called "Synapse Dynamics" (song by Mat Zo) and her work in communications has greatly aided in the advance of Channel 42, the world's #1 TV station, run by Redmau5.

Many of these characters are starting to develop heavy backstories. If EDM Arena can't be a game any time soon, there may be a comic or short stories about it.