Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hold Your Colour

KP has a nemesis and it's his father. O_O

This is Lord Pendulum, KP's dad and the two don't get along, mainly because KP struggles to distance himself from the great shadow of his father and many people expect KP to succeed Lord Pendulum. Unlike his ill-mannered son, Lord Pendulum is much more civil and can be friendly to those he trusts, but he does have an unpredictable temper. He's also a mysterious entity that has the ability to conjure and control water. He has a weakness for colorful things.

More facts about this guy:

- Armor has a granite texture to it (comes from one of Pendulum's songs: "Granite")
- The one, freakishly large eye on the left side of his face comes from Pendulum's Witchcraft album.
- It's not seen in the picture, but Pendulum's logo appears at the center of his chest.
- He used to own a short sword and shield, but KP stole it and turned them into the Knife Party logo. Lord Pendulum's a little pissed that he no longer has a weapon.
- Lives in a mysterious place hidden in the vast expanses of the ocean called "The Island" (comes from another Pendulum song, dubbed the same name)
- In opposition to his son's massive pet centipede, Snare, Lord Pendulum owns an equally monstrous pet tarantula, named Synth. ("Tarantula" is another Pendulum song) Snare and Synth don't get along either... Snare being the one always trying to eat Synth :'D

More pics to come of KP and Lord Pendulum and possibly a turnaround for the latter. :D

Oh yeah, and no words can describe how incredible the Rage Valley EP is. :''''D

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

...and more knives...

Some more KP illustrations, just for fun. :D

This is KP's monster pet centipede, Snare. By his master's command (and entertainment), Snare enjoys terrorizing the citizens of Rage Valley. Although intimidating by appearance, this centipede is lovable and huggable... around KP.

For those who haven't seen the post about KP's background, his pet centipede comes from one of Knife Party's songs, "Centipede".

Marshmallow party!!!

"Bonfire" is another song name from Knife Party, from their new EP called Rage Valley.

I'm excited for their new EP! It's gonna kick ass. :D

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Go get your knife...

I was thinking about drawing this concept for about month, and finally here it is:

Turnaround for a Knife Party inspired character, named "KP"! :''''''D

The best way to describe Knife Party is that they are a group of two guys that produces seizure music. They are my favorite music group and one of the main reasons I'm slowly going deaf.

First off, I had way too much fun coming up with this guy's concept. I tried to incorporate as much of Knife Party as I could into one little dude. I'll break it down:

- Group's logo is a short sword and shield mounted onto his back
- Straps on his arms and legs that look like tourniquets ("Tourniquet" is the name of one of their songs)
- Arm-mounted Lazer Cannon (Derived from one of their songs: "Destroy Them With Lazers")
- [Bloody] KP skin comes from the catchphrase "Where's the bloody Knife Party?". Plus, there needed to be a KP version with blood anyway.
- Appearances of [G] KP and [R] KP are derived from the two guys that make up the group: Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire.

Other side notes about KP:

- He lives in a desolate place called Rage Valley. (Rage Valley comes from Knife Party's second EP)
- Owns a monstrous pet centipede. ("Centipede" is another one of their songs)

And that's all I have about KP thus far. I have other concepts like this guy in mind - I hope to get to them after I'm finished developing KP a little more. :'D

Senior Thesis

This is the result of a year and a half's worth of work at Ringling College.

I worked with Erica Berman to complete this trailer of a would-be 3D platformer.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Seignik Turntable

Finally uploaded the turntable movie to Youtube. Check it out: