Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Inktober 2016

Completed another year's October Playlist, this time doing it traditionally with ink! For the previous three years go here: 2013 / 2014 / 2015. Here's this year's completed playlist (images taken from my Instagram:

Left to right:
Possession - Noisia, Ivy Lab
Ghost Writer - Calyx & Teebee
Skyline - Karma Fields

Parallel - Technimatic, Zara Kershaw
Lighting Up The Dark - Klaypex, Brandon Paddock
Mediums - The Upbeats

Deep - TC, Jakes (also features reference from Mr. Robot b/c I love that show :P)
Ewaste - Hybris
Tentacles - Noisia

Schizoid - Feed Me, Speed
Mythos - InsideInfo, Mefjus
404 - Knife Party

Nerds on Mushrooms - Infected Mushroom, Pegboard Nerds
Emergence - Trifonic
Risingson - Massive Attack

Eclipse - Sub Focus
Ghost - Mystery Skulls
Shelter - Porter Robinson, Madeon

Neckbreaker - Dirtyphonics, FuntCase
Mouthbreather - Noisia, The Upbeats
Mr Happy - DJ Hazard, D-Minds

She - Eptic
Spitfire Riddim - Kill the Noise, Madsonik, twoton
Lasercat - Posij

Head Splitter - Getter
Antihero - Noisestorm (featuring Alex Mercer from Prototype)
Toys Riot - Teddy Killerz (references a game my brother is making ;P)

Seeds - Trei
[Weekend Recap] - various artists on Monstercat (this was a piece done for work)
Melody Circus - Savant

Spooky Dub - Ivy Lab

This year's October Playlist started pretty tame and then I went insane and took it into questionably far places :'D My mind's exhausted but I'm happy to have done the challenge and as always, some fun ideas came out of it. Big shoutouts to the artists these pieces are based off of and to the people who followed each piece as I was posting them throughout the month <3