Monday, August 15, 2011

Spawn More Overlords!!

A couple months ago I had painted this picture of a chibi-nized Overlord, one of the Zerg units in StarCraft II:

It got some positive reception on the interwebs but among the comments there were suggestions asking for a plushie version of him. I thought about it and decided: "Hey! Why not?"

Out of all the plushies I've made over the years, this guy turned out to be the largest and most cumbersome to make. He's massive: travel-wise, he takes up an entire check-in bag. It took about 2 weeks to complete him. My chibi drawing of him was the primary reference guide, although I did look back at Blizzard's original concept and artist, Mr. Jack's, version several times just to make sure the design was accurate. The design was simplified over the course of the project, but otherwise the sewing pattern was improvised the whole way through. Here are the turnaround shots:

The head turned out crooked but I kinda liked it that way because it looked like he was thinking. :'D

He's even got a zipper on the bottom... so he can creep...

... or store your StarCraft II art book. :'D

Overall, even though he was a pain to make, I was very happy with the end result. Trying to make an Overlord squishable worked out, thanks to the brown ultra cuddle fabric I used. He is a bit difficult to hug... (he's too round and my arms can't wrap around him), but nevertheless he makes for an excellent pillow.

Other materials I used:
- pink fleece
- purple, velvety kind of fabric (found it in the scrap bin at Jo-Ann's)
- yellow linen (found in the scrap bin, too)
- white cotton t-shirt (for the spikes)
- green t-shirt (for the pouch in his belly)
- Poly-fil
- polyester batting (to fill the armor plates)
- green puffy fabric paint (for the drool dripping down his mouth)

I took WIP shots but they're all on my phone. I'll have to find a way to upload them here if I can.


  1. I... I... I want one !

    (This is probably too far but...) How about making one of those plushies that can turn inside out - to let the Overlord morph into an Overseer? ^^

  2. Oh snap! :O That would be badass!
    No idea how to go about doing that...0_o