Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Character Modeling: Seignik

I've been working on this character off to the side but because of school I haven't been able to finish it. Now I have some time to get it done.
Here's some images of the process I went through working on this original character called Seignik. It's a bit jumbled.

I drew this concept at GDC 2010. I used a Sharpie marker for the line art and Faber Castell markers for coloring. At the time, I just drew this character for fun with no future modeling intentions in mind.

When school started up again I had a goal to practice as much modeling as I could outside of schoolwork. The character I drew during GDC was one idea that came to mind so I created this very rough turnaround sheet. I wasn't worried about rendering anything here - I just wanted to quickly get a sketch done so I could get straight into modeling.
Here are some WIP shots I recorded last year of the modeling process:


Then there was about a five month hiatus from this project (due to working on thesis) and now, just today I finished packing the UVs and baked out the ambient occlusion. Next step will be texturing, woo!

More updates to be posted soon.


Update 4/8/12
Part 2 of this character's process can be found here.

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