Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Process Log 7: Modular Character

This Process Log is old but I don't think I ever showed the whole thing on this blog. These images were also originally in my 2D Portfolio, but I figured they're better suited for the Process Logs instead. Here's the entire process of developing this character redesign from sketch to 3D:

This assignment was a project in Drawing for Game Art (DGA) class where we chose an existing character and redesigned it while keeping their same mechanics. The character I selected was Elliot Salem from Army of Two. Using a program called Alchemy, I quickly painted some silhouettes, experimenting with various shapes and combining them with Salem's base silhouette.

A silhouette from the Redesign exploration was chosen and further defined. This firefighter look was the design that was chosen.

Further defined the detail and modularity of the character.

Experimented with various burn scars.

Experimented with various color schemes of the final modularity.

The final concept to be modeled later. This turnaround was for the base model.

And this was the turnaround for the second stage of modularity.

And now for some brief process of the modeling:

After completing the low poly model in Maya, I went into Zbrush for some hi poly sculpting:

The head went through some funny changes. I had problems deciding the character's haircut:

Once texturing phase kicked in, this was what I ended up keeping. :'D

I liked how the eye turned out in the Zbrush window.

Completed textures for the base appearance.

Completed textures for secondary appearance.

All three low-poly models showing the levels of modularity.

Brought the model into UDK and started working with the materials.

This was the final pose for the character.

Got some Fresnel on dem stripes.

And finally, the turnaround sheets:

This is the second character model I've ever done, so it's kinda crappy. I documented it well though, so I wanted to at least share that.

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