Thursday, April 11, 2013

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 3

EDM Arena batch 5 is underway! Here's the second character reveal (first was on deviantART):

Mirza Sarchaser (derives from Coyote Kisses)
     - This is the first character collab with an awesome friend of mine, Kezrek Laczin! She helped design the character, in particular the head and her colour scheme.
     - First female EDM Arena character!!! :D
     - Mirza's name comes from "Mirzam" or "Murzim", beta star in the southern constellation, Canis Major, "the greater dog". Mirzam is derived from the Arabic word "the Heralder", as it "heralds" Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris and the brightest star in the night sky. (Beta Canis Majoris, Wikipedia) Mirza's last name comes from one of Coyote Kisses' songs.
     - Picking Mirza's colour scheme was a challenge. Kez and I spent a while looking at nebulas for inspiration until she found one that worked. Fun Fact: The off-white colour on her is "cosmic latte", the colour of the universe.
     - Mirza is one of eight family members of grandfather Major Canis (based on the 8 main stars of the constellation) and the second eldest behind Sirius, the next head of the family. The family, also known as the "Acid Wolfpack" (name of Coyote Kisses' EP and one of their songs) were all born and live in space. Mirza is an upbeat explorer with an unquenchable thirst for adventure. She travels the cosmos aboard her personal shuttle, "The Galactic Love Song" (name of another Coyote Kisses song).

Kez and I were so excited about this character because she was so different compared to the rest of the EDM Arena roster, just as Coyote Kisses set themselves apart from the rest of mainstream EDM.


  1. Yes! more characters! im loving these everytime they come out. Destroid and the Infected Mushroom ones of the last batch were awesome. Had another one come to mind if your interested since they are getting a lot of buzz lately. Daft Punk?


    1. Thanks for following the character reveals!! :D Ahh, Daft Punk's been on the waiting list since Batch 3. They're tricky: both easy and tough to design... good point about them getting a lot of buzz recently. Maybe it's about time to work on them.