Friday, July 12, 2013

Heroes' Tale: Elemental Being

Here's my second reveal for Merlino Entertainment's role-playing, trading card game: Heroes' Tale! It features a summoned being made of earth and rock. I had a ton of fun playing with design sketches for this character:

And this is the final result:

Creature Lore:

"As the enchanter read from his scriptions, the earth began to rise and take shape."

As each day went by, the swarm grew stronger and more aggressive. The Eastern Empire's causalities kept on growing and growing with no end. In order to enlist more aid, powerful magic was created to bring the earth to life. These elemental beings became the perfect soldiers to help hold back the forces of the swarm. Since these creatures where not made of flesh, yet rock and dirt, the swarm would not be able to feed off of them to grow their own ranks.

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