Wednesday, October 9, 2013

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 6

Starting batch 7! 

Ziv (Krewella)
     - Ziv is a Hebrew name meaning "light" or "glow", relating to Krewella and Gareth Emery's song "Lights and Thunder". Name is subject to change... it was the best one I found at the moment.
     - Ziv's design is heavily influenced by Krewella's Play Hard EP.

There needs to be more female characters to the EDM Arena roster! Also, batch 7 is probably going to take a long time to complete, so don't expect the finished batch any time soon.


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  2. Have you considered Caravan Palace? They still count as Electro, just a bit more of the european sides; Electroswing. To get the Caravan Palace bot from Panic and Suzy would be awesome

    1. Yes, Caravan Palace has been considered! I love them and it would be a nice touch of variety to bring them into the roster.