Monday, March 3, 2014

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 7

Second character reveal for batch 7!!!

Maki (Mat Zo and Porter Robinson)
     - This is my first attempt at a dual-artist character. Maki and her little partner Evander come from Mat Zo and Porter Robinson's music video "Easy". At first, the Maki character was solely going to be the Porter Robinson character, but it was more interesting and made sense to include Mat Zo with the design since "Easy" was a collaborative song.
     - Porter's influence is seen in Evander, who's face and glitchiness comes from Porter's upcoming album "Worlds". Maki's outfit uses influence from Mat Zo's logo.
     - Maki's sketch had been sitting on my computer for quite some time and it was because I had a hard time figuring out what she should be wearing. I modified her outfit from "Easy" and also looked at some of the practicality from the costumes in Firefly because of her backstory.
     - After her little escapade in Neo Tokyo (or wherever the "Easy" music video takes place), Maki decided to remain outside of civilization and live a quieter life. She went further into engineering (because it would be interesting if she built the EMP bomb/explosive thing hidden in the duffel bag from the music video) and took an interest in communications (based on Porter Robinson's song "Language"). Evander was upgraded to Evander 2.0, who's still a little glitchy but helps Maki record, communicate, and understand alien languages, such as the ones spoken by Skrillien and Nom Nom. Maki set up a base of operations outside of The City called "Synapse Dynamics" (song by Mat Zo) and her work in communications has greatly aided in the advance of Channel 42, the world's #1 TV station, run by Redmau5.

Many of these characters are starting to develop heavy backstories. If EDM Arena can't be a game any time soon, there may be a comic or short stories about it.

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  1. Looks great GameShrimp. I find myself coming to check out your new stuff alot. Just wanted to let you know a while ago i posted your EDM Arena pictures on my twitter account, as well as tagging each respective artist and a source link back to your blogspot here. Glad to see youve been getting some publicity with Monstercat with Album Artwork and what not. Super proud that i could of helped, even just a little bit. You deserve it. This looks better and better. And surely i have to give thanks for the multiple iPhone wallpapers your beautiful artwork has given me. Cheers. Keep up the great work.

    -Chris (ShiftOne)