Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dark Arting

More arts have happened and they're not on this blog. (They were on tumblr and Twitter.) Here are some of the darker ones, since October is coming soon:


SSXUB is a collaborative EP between Shapeshifter and The Upbeats (and I love iiiiit). This image was inspired by their music video Bloodstream, which is also where the five characters at the bottom derive from. The two guys at the top are The Upbeats during their photoshoot for their LP, Primitive Technique.

The Centipede Lord

Tried a different painting technique, thanks to one of my roommates, where the highlights are painted first. I never used this method before because I never quite understood it until just recently. Also played with a different concept for a certain knife-headed character ;)

Dragon Bone Revamp

This creature was originally sketched back in sophomore year at Ringling for a traditional game design project. My project was a trading card game and this beastie was among one out of three different "races" of creatures: Bone, Death, and Light. Used the same painting technique as in The Centipede Lord.

October in 13 Days

As the subtitle suggests, I'm SO PUMPED for October - favourite month of the year because autumn and Halloween plus many cool events and stuff are happening this particular 2014 October wooooo! This quick painting was to get more practice in with the new painting technique. (The faces depicted clockwise are Knife Party, Kill the Noise, Feed Me, and Savant.)

Hunter Metroid

Painted this back in April - forgot to upload it here. I love the Metroid Prime series and these annoying bundles of joy are my favourite type of Metroid because they look like jellyfish. Jellyfish are cool. Wouldn't want to touch one, but they look cool. yay


And now for something completely different :B Introducing new electronic artists BWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and their debut album SHHM WOM WOM BWIKKA BWIKKA, released on Mewsic Label!!! :BBB 
My friend Kez was high on Vicodin so she was taking drawing requests on tumblr. I wanted to render one of the many sketches she posted.


  1. Sorry GameShrimp , How much Does it Cost to make an "Album Art" for 1 of my Songs? Or they are not on Sale?


  2. Character sneak peek soon plz? :3