Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 POKEDDEXY Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!!! Since 2013, Kez and I have collaborated on the POKEDDEXY challenges. This year, we decided to do Pokemon fusions:

A little bit about how we did this challenge:
     We took turns drawing each day: I had the odd number days while Kez took the even days. On the days we had to draw, the person not drawing would tell the drawer what their Pokemon selection was that day. The drawing artist's Pokemon would be kept secret until the fusion was finished and posted on tumblr.

For the individual, higher-res posts of each Pokemon, visit either Kez's tumblr, or mine. :)


  1. Amanda, PokeMon is my favorite game, and this us super cool, and done of these took me a minute to figure out, like Xergia
    btw, I think Garbodurr looks really cool
    can't wait for batch eight of EDM Arena!

    1. Thanks! :) Pokemon is still one of my favourite games - currently playing through ORAS.
      Happy you like Garbodurr - didn't think many people would!

  2. I'm glad you finally responded to something I sent you! XD
    Did you ever get my e-mail? Or did you just not have time to check it?
    It was just an idea for two other EDM Arena characters