Thursday, February 26, 2015

KP [Rage] Plushies

For a while, I wanted to sew the Rage skin KP plushies because I wanted to experiment with different kinds of materials with this design (i.e. feathers, reptile scale print, etc):

I made these plushies as gifts last year but never got around to posting pics of them:

About / Making of:
     - The feathers are jewelry accessories (I think), so they came wrapped together with a little string loop at the end. I cut a hole into the plushie heads just enough for the bundle of feathers to fit through, and then sewed through the wrap to keep the feathers in place.
     - The black and white markings on their bodies are bits of glossy, alligator skin printed fabric. After sewing them onto the plush, I painted the white outlines with acrylic.

My R and G plushies got to hang with the Rage guys before they were shipped off to the UK ;)

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