Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mad Neon Skin Illustration - "Adventure"

Based off of Madeon's "Adventure" LP which was released not too long ago:


  1. Wow, this is fantastic!
    Amanda, i hope and pray this will become a real SSB-type game one day....
    Btw, i want to ask, have the respective artists for the characters acknowledged these at all?

    1. Hey! Thank you so much!! :)
      (I hope so, too...)
      Yeah, some of the respective artists have seen these characters! I normally don't tag people when I post EDM Arena art but some of it gets noticed. Knife Party, Savant, and The Upbeats are a few who're the most familiar with their characters.

    2. Btw, i saw the artwork for Swamp Thing by Pegboard Nerds, fantastic job!
      I didn't see it at first, but as soon as i downloaded it i recognized Rivet's design ;)

    3. Thank you! That was a fun cover to work on ;)