Sunday, July 17, 2016

Arts That I Haven't Posted On This Blog Yet

I need to stay up to date in posting new art on this blog. Here's some pieces done from May to July 2016:

Collab Series
(A quick series of collaborative tracks from certain artists I like ;) )

Anatomical Bird Study
(I had a hard time understanding how bird skeletons work so this was a stab at trying to comprehend their anatomy.)

(Various pen and marker drawings. Been doing more of these lately, they're usually featured on my Instagram or Twitter.)

Zucat Monsterbat v2.0
(Been playing Pokemon GO and my legs feel AMAZING. I've been sitting on my butt for nearly 4 years drawing all day and now suddenly this app gets me to walk two miles in rainy weather just to catch Pokemon on my way to work.)

Then I went on a splurge of drawing people because people are fun to draw and I don't do it often enough:

(Been watching various anime shows and these two characters have been favourites all throughout completing these shows. Top is Vincent Law from Ergo Proxy; bottom is Vash the Stampede from Trigun.)

(I did a series of Pokemon-Inspired Fashion Design and there were some characters I really liked and wanted to explore more of their backstories. Top two characters (left to right) are troublemakers Ekki and Kory (Ekans and Koffing); bottom two are skater friends Troy and Yana (Tropius and Yanmega).)

(Revamped some MOTH characters ;) )

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