Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Inktober 2017

2017 has been a year of delving into tons of new music since January and I was so excited to do this year's round of Inktober to share what I've been listening to! For the previous four years go here: 2013 / 2014 / 2015 / 2016 . Here's this year's completed playlist taken from my Instagram:

Left to right:
Grotesque - Chee
Cephalopod - Vorso
Pulling Teeth - Trei, Insomniax

Edge Mecha - Former
Kabuki - 1991
Swarm - KUURO

Diorama - Royalston
Mind Games - Emperor
Conversion - Mefjus, Kasra

Cauldron - The Upbeats, Agressor Bunx
Get Deaded - Noisia
Eyes Down - Ivy Lab

Jump Suit - Halogenix
For Me - Karma Fields (this one was a special art trade with KarmaMoonshadow!)
Haunted Spaces - Document One

Assassin - Audeka
Witchdoctor - Camo & Krooked
Gaucho - Culprate, Joe Ford

Hunger - Posij
Pineapple [G Jones Remix] - Eprom
Ink - Clockvice

Slither - Noer the Boy
Slither - Bensley
Haunted - Slips & Slurs

Red Dawn - Knife Party
Ghost - Tsuruda
Analogue Noir - RUN DMT

Thug - Black Sun Empire, State of Mind
Dead Limit - Noisia, The Upbeats
Horrormovie - Shield

Mantura - Signal, Disprove

I've put together a Spotify playlist, too! (Except it's missing Hunger - Posij and Horrormovie - Shield)

HUGE shoutouts to all the artists behind these amazing tunes and to everyone who followed my Inktobers this year!! I wouldn't be doing Inktobers if it weren't for the music behind each drawing <3

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