Thursday, October 13, 2011

Random Photoshop Sketchstuff

Haven't updated in a while, so here's a bunch of sketches I did in Photoshop. Why not a sketchbook? These sketches happen because I try to think of something to paint on the computer, but then nothing cool comes up or I end up sitting in front of a blank screen for hours until I get so fed up with myself that I decide to draw anything and whatever comes to mind. Here's a slice of what happens when I get hit with art block:

I love drawing gestures, so this one came up and was going to be a painting. Ended up this far. :'D But I took this opportunity to use a radial blur for the blood, just to experiment with some effects.

At first, I just drew lineart of Mewtwo, then I blacked the whole thing out to test its silhouette and kept it this way because it turned out kinda cool.

More fun, exaggerated gestures of Pokemon!

I love Okami, and drawing gestures for Ammy was very fun. I'm sure all of these poses are anatomically incorrect as I have little to no knowledge of wolf anatomy. :'D This was more of an exploration of motion and pose.

Some sketches of my friend's and my own hand from observation. Hands are always a fun challenge for me.

This one first started with Faith (on the left, Mirror's Edge character for those that aren't familiar), and it was going to be a Mirror's Edge painting, but then my mind trailed off and I started drawing the pink lolita girl on a new layer. Then the green one happened. When my mind is fresh out of ideas I end up drawing really scribbly, curvy things, mostly colorful outfits or stereotypical anime characters. I hate it when this happens, but the process of drawing such fluid and fun shapes is a good stress reliever. Sometimes the end product looks kinda cool, too I suppose.

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  1. More gestures! :D These are cool! I dare you to draw gestures of a character, but without any color or specific details >D