Wednesday, April 18, 2012

EA Art Test

I completed this art test about a month ago, and after making sure I could post it here it is. :D

This was a character concept test. Three different types of human silhouettes were given, and I chose the tank of a man and the woman. Genre/theme, wise, I went for fantasy and sci-fi. The characters also had to be drawn in varying styles, and one of them had to have a turnaround sheet.

The bulky man silhouette was the toughest concept for me; for some reason, I was hating all the concepts I was coming up with for him. Among his silhouettes above, the rock, dragon, and last four of the tank man were my top choices. The rock felt too typical of a choice and the dragon's flowy hair and cloth may not be a feasible choice for a game character, so the last four silhouettes of this knight looking thing were my best bet.
The idea behind the knight came from my sudden, ridiculous urge to put fireflies in a suit of armor. The big, bulbous right shoulder reminded me of a lamp, so I thought it would be cute to put fireflies in there.  I also looked up a bunch of reference of old lamp posts and ornate lanterns, to fit with the whole "lamp" theme. Here's the final concept, dubbed "Knight Light":

The fireflies kinda turned into magical, purple fire. It could still be magical purple fireflies. :'D

The last character concept, the woman, was the easiest one for me to do (as there aren't as many silhouette explorations for her compared to the man). Since I wanted this one to be sci-fi, I felt more at ease coming up with a silhouette/gesture that I liked. This is what she turned out to be:

This art test was a straight 24 hour marathon that left me, health-wise, beaten and destroyed. It was the most glorious achievement of my life... :'D


  1. Did EA get back to you on your results?

  2. Sweeeeet. I love the design for the Knight.