Friday, April 27, 2012

Random Sketchstuff 2

Here's some traditional and Photoshop pieces, some of them unfinished because I was just brainstorming:

"Fire vs Water"
(pencil, Sharpie marker, Faber Castell markers)

I drew this in my sketchbook last year. These two characters were from a very old story idea I came up with during middle to high school. They are dragons in human form: the blue guy's a water serpent whereas the other one is a fire dragon. The Chinese writing encompassing the two characters is actually lyrics to a Jay Chou song.

"The Marionettes"
(pencil, Faber Castell markers)

A more recent drawing, this is a revamp of a piece I painted in freshman year of college:

(acrylic paint, glue, glitter)

The concept behind these two characters came from Thomas Woodruff's gallery showing at school called "The Freak Parade", which was a collection of paintings of strange and bizarre characters portrayed in a circus-like fashion. I had an assignment that asked for our own interpretation of a Freak Parade member, and the "Marionettes" was what I came up with. 
The Marionettes are a cooperative pair of tricksters who steal people's souls to become whole. One of the pair controls the other and then vice versa, so it's difficult to figure out which Marionette is the "real one" pulling the strings. It's hard to tell in the picture, but there are lines of glue and glitter connecting the six-armed jester and girl's hands that represent the invisible strings they use to control each other. The girl primarily acts as an innocent lure whereas the jester attacks people. Oh yeah, and the jester's face in the painting glows in the dark.
In the revamp drawing, I went for a more graphic approach. The girl also aged a bit. I love drawing lanky arms with pointy fingers. :P

"Water Goddesses"

This is what I meant by unfinished because of brainstorming. For some reason, on two separate occasions, I wanted to draw a water goddess. The one on the left is a personal concept I've drawn before - I was going to finish it but then I didn't like where it was going. The goddess on the right was something that just happened in the spur of the moment - I really wanted to draw a girl with a lot of flowy hair. :'D


This was a character concept that I had originally sketched during GDC 2012 and then used in a Japanese Art and Culture assignment. :'D I chose a topic that talked about the origins of kitsune so I felt this character was relevant. She's swirling around two flaming mirrors, a concept that was inspired off of Okami's Amaterasu. I want to draw more Japanese folklore related characters, so I hope to post more like this one.

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