Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hold Your Colour

KP has a nemesis and it's his father. O_O

This is Lord Pendulum, KP's dad and the two don't get along, mainly because KP struggles to distance himself from the great shadow of his father and many people expect KP to succeed Lord Pendulum. Unlike his ill-mannered son, Lord Pendulum is much more civil and can be friendly to those he trusts, but he does have an unpredictable temper. He's also a mysterious entity that has the ability to conjure and control water. He has a weakness for colorful things.

More facts about this guy:

- Armor has a granite texture to it (comes from one of Pendulum's songs: "Granite")
- The one, freakishly large eye on the left side of his face comes from Pendulum's Witchcraft album.
- It's not seen in the picture, but Pendulum's logo appears at the center of his chest.
- He used to own a short sword and shield, but KP stole it and turned them into the Knife Party logo. Lord Pendulum's a little pissed that he no longer has a weapon.
- Lives in a mysterious place hidden in the vast expanses of the ocean called "The Island" (comes from another Pendulum song, dubbed the same name)
- In opposition to his son's massive pet centipede, Snare, Lord Pendulum owns an equally monstrous pet tarantula, named Synth. ("Tarantula" is another Pendulum song) Snare and Synth don't get along either... Snare being the one always trying to eat Synth :'D

More pics to come of KP and Lord Pendulum and possibly a turnaround for the latter. :D

Oh yeah, and no words can describe how incredible the Rage Valley EP is. :''''D


  1. the colorful bands reminds me of spin art.

  2. haha, this goes for all colorful bands?

  3. We are meant to be friends. All this stuff is amazing! Not to mention the music tastes :D