Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Go get your knife...

I was thinking about drawing this concept for about month, and finally here it is:

Turnaround for a Knife Party inspired character, named "KP"! :''''''D

The best way to describe Knife Party is that they are a group of two guys that produces seizure music. They are my favorite music group and one of the main reasons I'm slowly going deaf.

First off, I had way too much fun coming up with this guy's concept. I tried to incorporate as much of Knife Party as I could into one little dude. I'll break it down:

- Group's logo is a short sword and shield mounted onto his back
- Straps on his arms and legs that look like tourniquets ("Tourniquet" is the name of one of their songs)
- Arm-mounted Lazer Cannon (Derived from one of their songs: "Destroy Them With Lazers")
- [Bloody] KP skin comes from the catchphrase "Where's the bloody Knife Party?". Plus, there needed to be a KP version with blood anyway.
- Appearances of [G] KP and [R] KP are derived from the two guys that make up the group: Gareth McGrillen and Rob Swire.

Other side notes about KP:

- He lives in a desolate place called Rage Valley. (Rage Valley comes from Knife Party's second EP)
- Owns a monstrous pet centipede. ("Centipede" is another one of their songs)

And that's all I have about KP thus far. I have other concepts like this guy in mind - I hope to get to them after I'm finished developing KP a little more. :'D


  1. clean and simple ... what would he do in game?

  2. Jump, sword fight, and shoot lazers against enemies in a platformer or fighting game.

  3. Amazing, any chance that this will become an actual game? If so, you got a buyer right here.

  4. I wish this would become an actual game

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  6. I hope you are really making the game, if you are making it I will be looking forward to it!