Sunday, August 5, 2012

Knife Party-Inspired Plushie

If you remember Snare, KP's pet centipede, I made him into a plushie. :D

The thing he's munching on is a pillow I made from Knife Party's logo.
Snare is about 4 feet long, made with black and white ultra cuddle fabric and dark gray felt. I tweaked his design a little bit: he doesn't have a knife going through his head and he doesn't have teeth. I left out those details because he kinda looked cute without them... plus a cousin of mine mentioned that he looked like a "Pandapede", which I thought was pretty adorable.

Here's a turnaround for him:

Snare is a nasty little thing that doesn't really play along with others unless KP's around (which he's not). He likes to harass creatures that are smaller than him, nipping at their heads with his two fangs. Gary, the Starcraft II Overlord plushie I made, is the only one who can suppress him:

Mainly because Gary's just fat and sits on Snare's head. :'D
I hate bugs, especially centipedes, so I don't know why I'm accumulating all these insect-inspired stuffed animals. 0_o

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