Saturday, August 11, 2012

Process Log 17: Druid's Market

I needed an environment painting for my 2D portfolio, so I took a sketch I did back in Game Design Club at Ringling during one of the first "World Jams", where we took several words from an index card pile and created a world from them.
The words that made up this environment were "Druid", "Medieval", and "Barter Economy".

I don't normally paint just environments - and it's an area that I need to improve - so this was a huge challenge for me. I'm semi-satisfied with how this painting turned out. Regardless, this is the first of many practice environment paintings to come. I also received valuable crit and advice from Kez.

Here's the process I went through in completing this piece:


  1. I dig your results. Where does this take place? The paper laterns, to me, communicates an asian culture. It is really good to see the animated gif of the progress. I like that a lot.

    The work reminds me of Bruegel's. I admire how bruegel harmoniously composes his figure and environment, it really help capture the day in the life of his subject. I also like how he directs the viewer eyes in his paintings that have a lot of figures.

    maybe be throw in more animals, beasts of burden of the time.

    consider weathering the building facades some ...

    the color scheme are you gunning for complementary or split?

    check out the foreground shape language discussion in the first few minutes of this video on tangled.

  2. Taking concepts like this to Game forums like Polycount or Game Artistans you can get some super helpful crit (that is usually better than what a peer can catch) I suggest taking that route for further improvement