Sunday, November 11, 2012

EDM Arena: Character Skins

I was going to wait to post this with another batch of characters, but because of moving and work I haven't had the chance to finish the next line up of EDM peeps. :( Plus, as the title of the skins suggests, these were meant for Halloween... and well, it's very late.

The name of each skin is self-explanatory, but for those who don't know here's the breakdown:

- {Blood Sugar} Skin comes from one of Pendulum's songs, dubbed the same name
- {Really Dead} Skin is a play on Deadmau5's name
- {Haunted} Skin is based on the poster designs for Knife Party's Haunted House Tour
- {Reptile} Skin comes from one of Skrillex's songs, dubbed the same name. The design for this one was a little tough: I tried to combine Reptile's costume (from Mortal Kombat, as the song's themed around) with lizards and I didn't want to put clothes on a dinosaur... So the final result ended up being a  Jurassic Park-y t-rex with glasses and hair.

As soon as everything gets settled wherever I move to, hopefully I can get the next line up of characters posted. :)

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