Thursday, October 25, 2012

KP Plushies

FINALLY, after a long wait of finding time between work and Snare feeling extremely bored and lonely, KP plushies have been made!!!

This was a project idea I've had in mind ever since I finished Snare, and surprisingly, both KPs weren't too difficult to make. I wanted to make the Rob and Gareth mods because I wanted to experiment with different fabrics and sewing patterns (i.e. [R]KP's hair and [G]KP's hat). Here's a detailed turnaround for them:

I made the KPs small, relative to Snare's size, so they're both about 8 inches tall (not including [R]'s additional height because of the spiky hair :'D). They're made from black and white ultra cuddle, black and dark gray fleece, white t-shirt material (for the knives going through their heads), and black, thick craft foam (for the buckles on the tourniquets/straps). [R]'s hair is made from some black, furry hem that you're supposed to put on the ends of coat sleeves or something. [G]'s hat is made from black fleece with the thick foam sheet to support the visor part. The idea of giving [G] and [R] their Lazer Cannon and Flamethrower (named "Fire Hive"), respectively, was Gareth, himself's, idea!

So Snare is ecstatic that not just one, but two KPs are keeping him company. [G] and [R] get along very well, too...

Everyone's been after [G]'s hat lately, too...

Aside from learning how to sew a cap and working with furry hem material to make hair, this was also the first sewing project in which I was able to replicate a second plushie without it looking too derpy. :D


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  2. Super kawaii also love the idea that is based on Rob Swire and Gareth Knife Party :3

  3. Can you make a tutorial of how to make them please? c: