Wednesday, September 4, 2013

13 Years of Progress 2

I grew up loving Pokemon and Digimon, so naturally I would try to draw characters that were inspired by these franchises. My first Digimon toy was a Birdramon that could transform into Garudamon. I drew a man-bird character that may have been inspired by Garudamon, starting somewhere in the late 90s to early 2000s, then I redrew it two more times in different years:

This character was originally called "Tribeamon" (clearly a Digimon rip), but it was later renamed to "Crona Blaze Hawk". Also not sure why I refused to give him pants or some kind of cover in 2006...

For the 2013 revamp, I tried a different, faster approach in completing this concept piece. I kept the rough, sketchy gesture, decreased its opacity, and rendered the character under the gesture layer using a texture brush. This different approach was much looser, thus saving time in painting the feathery details. Overall, this character was finished in approx. 6 hours.

2013 Crona Blaze Hawk single image:

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