Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pikachu Used Thundershock 6

FINALLY, batch 6 is complete!

Mad Neon (Madeon)
     - Probably one of the most requested characters at the time.
     - Mad Neon's design is heavily influenced by fan input. Special thanks to a certain deviant for suggesting his look and other fans for adding the "Icarus" (one of Madeon's songs) ideas to his design.

ChaosOne (ShockOne)
     - After listening to ShockOne's Universes album (and falling totally in love with it) I really wanted to create a character for ShockOne. This guy took the longest and the most iterations to get to a finalized design.
     - The bands on ChaosOne's eyes resembles a plot of the Lorenz attractor, relating to the Chaos Theory (also name of one of ShockOne's songs). Through the many design variants ChaosOne went through, his final gained a solar flare-y look. He can shoot lasers from the hole in his chest (related to another song: "Lazerbeam").
     - ChaosOne is friends with Lord Pendulum (as also in real life).

C.P.U. (Daft Punk)
     - Didn't want to create a Daft Punk character without modding their design, but since they were also frequently requested I gave in and pretty much kept their original designs but chibified them. So they play like the Ice Climbers from Super Smash Bros.
     - "C.P.U." stands for "Chibi Punk Unit".

XXP (Modestep)
     - This character's look comes from Modestep's album "Evolution Theory".
     - One of XXP's abilities is throwing those "smiley" masks at opponents. If aimed properly, the masks attach themselves to the opponent's face, draining them of their health, power, or mobility for a short period of time.

N01-Z!A (Noisia)
     - Info can be found here.

I'm now taking a break from designing any new EDM Arena characters and focusing more on skins and environments for the game. I'm still open to suggestions, but don't expect batch 7 any time soon.

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