Thursday, January 16, 2014

EDM Arena: Character Skins 2

Releasing a new series of skins!

The ideas behind each skin:

- {Onyx} Skin is based off of the EP art of Krewella's Play Harder.
- {Predator} Skin comes from The Upbeats' latest single "Predator" and influences from the famous alien character dubbed the same name. (I was super excited to buy this song - it was the first idea I came up with for this skin batch.)
- {Nouveau} Skin is based off of the album art of Camo & Krooked's Between the Lines.
- {Alchemist} Skin is based on Savant's character, the Alchemist, who appears on several of his album art.

Depending on how many more designs can come from these characters, a skin pack will most likely happen in the future.

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