Friday, February 28, 2014

The long post of art that I haven't put on my blog until now

Since I got a Tumblr account and Twitter I've been using those places for posting quick doodles and random art stuff. I draw so much and I never know exactly where to put it because some of it's sketches, quick draws, or silly things. Here's some the work that's happened:

Pikachu Used Thundershock

I have a playlist dedicated to electronic music called "Pikachu Used Thundershock". If it were to be personified, this is what it'll look like. It's always updating - right now it currently has 103 songs with a duration of 8 hours (the time this painting was created it lasted 7.4 hours).

Savant the Meowstic 

Feed Me the Mega Mawile

LRAD the Mega Aerodactyl

Some Pokemon + EDM influence quick draws. Been playing a bunch of Pokemon X and these are three of my team Pokemon.


My work laptop died at one point because I was stupid and accidentally spilled apple juice on it. During its absence I brought out the Sharpie and Faber Castell markers to draw these swirly Pokemon and a teaser for upcoming EDM Arena skins.

This skin pack was released on Valentine's Day (which, to be honest, is my least favourite holiday).

The Bloody Beetroots

Really wanted to draw someone vaulting over another person's head for a long time. Finally did it when  I was inspired by The Bloody Beetroots' album "Hide".

Knife Party

SOFI and Deadmau5

There was a strange ping of inspiration after listening to some Korean pop songs that led to these paintings which have nothing really to do with Kpop. :[ Just putting it out there, the songs I was listening to were T.O.P.'s "Doom Dada" and Taeyang's "Ringa Linga". :P
I do want to continue this series though. This new, quick and sketchy style is really fun... may have to listen to more Kpop to get back into it.

Mad Neon - Finale

FINALLY did an EDM Arena painting. The sketch for this pic had been sitting on my computer since the end of last year, and it wasn't until this week or last weekend I finally got to painting it. This shows one of Mad Neon's techniques, probably titled after his song "Finale".

And now here... have some KP shenanigans: (warning: coarse language :P)

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