Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Familiar Faces

I love drawing people, especially their faces, but I recently realized that the majority of what I post online isn't "human". I sketch faces in between work to keep practicing portraiture. After finding a style that I liked, the continued practice helped increase my speed and understanding of painting faces.

These were completed this month (June):

(Knife Party)

(The Upbeats)

(Feed Me / Deadmau5)

And these were done 3 months ago:

(Skrillex / Madeon) 

(The Upbeats)

I was stuck drawing anime faces for years, specifically, falling into the trap of all my characters having the same facial structure, just different haircuts. My brother was the first to bring up that all my characters looked the same and it bothered me for a very long time. There's still anime influences in the style I use now, but I feel more confident in that I have a better understanding of differentiating facial features than I did starting college. 

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