Monday, January 18, 2016

KP Skin Illustration - "Plague" (Trigger Warning)

This skin was supposed to be released the week of/after the release of Trigger Warning, but it went through so many changes that it wasn't completed until just yesterday:

A little bit about this skin:
     - The skin is based off of plague doctors. I wanted to combine the crow motif the Trigger Warning EP uses with KP's existing look without completely turning them into bird anthros. Thought of a crow mask which then led to the plague doctor mask.
     - Here's the sketch concept for R and G:

The reason this piece took so long to complete was selecting a style. It started off similarly rendered to previous KP skin ills but it wasn't working for me - it felt too stiff. I redid the piece with a looser style and it was looking more like how I envisioned:

After creating this teaser image for this skin, all I could see it in was a really rough style:

And that's how the KP "Plague" skin illustration looks the way it does now! :D


  1. hOLY SHIT IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE IVE CHECKED ON YOU (a long time ago i asked for a Caravane Palace char for the EDM arena stuffs)

    Great to see your art is as great as ever; gotta love em Plague Doctors. Hope to see more of your work, but I wanna ask two things.
    One, do you have any areas of work, like in Tumblr or twitter?
    Two, have you heard of Excision?

    1. Hey!! :D I remember your comment about a Caravan Palace character. It has been a while, great to hear back from you!

      To answer your questions, One: I do have a tumblr and Twitter:

      Two: I have heard of Excision!