Saturday, January 2, 2016

Plushies from 2015

Hey everyone, Happy 2016!!! :)

So much has happened in 2015 and most of the work I've done I forgot to post here. 2015 was a year of plushie experimentation, and here are two plushies I hadn't posted yet:

Lewis here was made for a dear friend of mine, rudeboimonster. He's a character from the animated music video "Ghost" by Mystery Skulls, designed and animated by mysterybensmysteryblog. Even though his design is simple, he very difficult to make. Trying to translate his 2D design into 3D took some reworking, in particular with his hair and his ribs (his back isn't accurate to his 2D design). Other notes about this plush:

- His head is sewn onto the back part of his collar, emulating his floating head.
- I used 18-gauge wire for his legs to allow for posing. His legs were so frustrating to try to fit stuffing around the wires because of how skinny they were.
- He's fun to pose:

Photos courtesy of rudeboimonster

And the second plush:

This is Tinlicker's mascot! Unfortunately, I forgot to take turnaround pics of this plush so instead here's a candid shot of the same outdoor photoshoot:

It was windy that day.

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