Friday, April 22, 2016

The Upbeast - Erinys Skin

The Upbeats released a new EP today: De-Evolution Part 1 on VISION!

To celebrate, here's a new look for The Upbeast:

     - Started in March, the idea for this skin originally came from The Upbeats' track "The Furies" released on Drum&BassArena 2016. That said, this character's secondary colour was initially red but was later switched to gold and blue/green to match the colours on the De-Evolution cover art.
     - This skin may not be official due to it completely changing The Upbeast' form (here's the default form). I just really wanted to see what bat wings would look like on him :'D
     - Speaking of the wings, I had to redraw them several times because I was struggling to get the anatomy and perspective correct. The full illustration had to be expanded considerably to fit the entire character, unfortunately losing the small details in the wolf and snakes. Here's a cropped version, close to how this image originally started out:

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  1. Hey! Can you add Bear Grillz in EDM Arena? It could be awesome!