Monday, May 27, 2013

EDM Arena Challenger Reveal 4

This next challenger reveal took some motivation to complete...

The Upbeast (The Upbeats)
     - I was thrown off by The Upbeats' name at first until I listened to their music. I immediately wanted to create a character for them.
     - The Upbeast's design comes from the two members' nicknames: Downie Wolf and Terror Snake. The black and white colour scheme along with the markings/tattoos comes from the visuals of The Upbeats' "Diffused" music video. The "X" symbol is the logo of the duo's label, "Non Vogue".
     - By itself, the wolf form is very agile and has an incredible set of powerful, close range attacks. The snake that emerges from the tattoos on the wolf's right arm is used for mid to long range strikes.

Only two more peeps to go for batch 5! :)

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