Sunday, June 10, 2012

Booksketch Stuffsketch

While Photoshop is currently MIA, I've been taking the time to do some observational studies and other random art things.

Movies have been a big thing this summer, and I'm currently obsessing over The Avengers. :'D Snow White and the Huntsman was also a fantastic movie, as well as Prometheus. MIB 3 was pretty good - it was a cute story, I left the theater with a smile.

Then there were other times when I got reaaaaally bored and I would go to Barnes & Nobles and attempt to draw people or sit on the floor at home and sketch the furniture. The hand sketches were actually done about 3 months ago, on the flight to GDC.

And finally, some word art, because I like to make graffiti/graphic looking things with marker every now and then. All of these except the top right were completed 3 months ago at GDC; the top right was done several weeks ago, yet on another flight to see a friend. The design of the words were inspired off of what I envisioned and felt listening to these specific songs:

Tourniquet - Knife Party
Crush - Pendulum
Watercolour - Pendulum
Lights (Bassnectar remix) - Ellie Goulding

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  1. good to see you sketching. good likeness on the brothers, thor and loki. I like your type treatments. below is one of the typography blogs I follow, I like their series on the alphabet and numbers,

    graffiti wise you might like this documentary series