Saturday, June 23, 2012

Super Odinson Bros. N Moar Arts

Some more arts! These were posted on my DeviantArt account first, but I figured I could post them here, too.

My latest obsession: The Avengers and Thor movies mixed with Super Mario Bros. I thought about painting a Thor and Loki pic for the longest time but no good idea came up until I compared their colors with the Mario bros. When I found more similarities between the two pairs, I was immediately inspired and set off to paint this picture. Now I can't stop thinking about painting more Super Odinson Bros. :'''''D More may be posted later, both on this site and my dA gallery.

After watching the 10th episode of The Legend of Korra, I was freaking out on facebook about how awesome the latest episode was. My status looked like: "LoK. WUTWUTWUTWUTWUWUTWUTAEUFLDUSHFLADUFHSA". A friend joked about it being a new dubstep song, and another friend mentioned "DIRTY BASS BENDER". And so, Chaz the Bassbender was born.
He's a DJ but also an Airbender with an upgraded ability to manipulate sound waves. He doesn't use too much of his power when he DJs, only to add a little extra punch to the drops. :'D
I was planning on creating a character sheet for him - just for kicks.

And finally a quick teaser painting for my story "MOTH". After some practice with portraits (in the last  blog post) I wanted to apply it to Photoshop, and so this was the end result. It's the main character, Ryan, looking all thoughtful and stuff.
MOTH is still underway - just drawing more still-frames of important plot points.

More arts to be posted soon :D

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