Friday, June 29, 2012

Process Log 15: Destroy Them With...Centipede

I forgot to post the WIP shots I captured while painting this. It's not much, but just thought I'd share it. :'D

Final Image

Things I learned from painting this:
- Experimenting with dual brushes and overall painting with different brush types. (Noticeable in the kicked up "dust" around the centipede).
- Leading the eye (I originally had the sun on the left side of the painting, but I wanted KP and Snare to be the first thing you see in this painting then the stick dudes, so I moved the sun behind them to make them stand out.)
- Having fun with the concept and not worrying about adding simple stick people. :'D


  1. cool. flag that head.

    check out this baking soda action with these lego photos.

    Stick figures play. wish we had pushed this style more in senior year.

    1. Thanks for the links! Now I know what that term is called - flagging the head.

      The lego photos are sick!

      It would've been fun to experiment with stylized work. See what weird things emerged I guess.

  2. ok cool. let me know if my posts get annoying.

    I will try to do better job of encouraging stylization in the classroom.

  3. Any sort of feedback is great - thanks for taking the time to write posts!