Wednesday, October 17, 2012

EDM Arena Character Reveal

The first of two challenger reveals:

Crooked Kitty (derives from Camo & Krooked)
     - There needed to be more variety in the character roster and I've been wanting to add more drum n bass artists (because I love drum n bass). Camo & Krooked is one of my favorite groups, but their "logo" was challenging to turn into a character. I used the "O"'s in both names for "eyes" and the "M" in Camo reminded me of cat ears, so then the idea went from there.
     - Listening to their fast-paced music, I was reminded of flying a starship or piloting a mech in some video game, so I wanted the design to reflect that kind of maneuverability. I didn't want to use a ship design (because that may be used for another character) so I went with a mech. When brainstorming agile mechs from video games I've played, I remembered the smooth, almost sliding agility of the four-legged mechs in Armored Core, and that's why this character has four legs.

More characters to come soon!


  1. I got here from DeviantArt and would like to know: Where can I find out more about all this EDM Arena stuff, what it's about and such?