Monday, May 6, 2013

13 Years of Progress

When I was little, I remember one of the first artbooks I referenced was Katy Coope's "How to Draw Manga". I drew so many fantasy characters, equipped with swords, magic, jewels, and the like. Then, years later in high school, I dug up my old drawings of the past and revamped them. Now, 2013, I'm bringing them back yet again:

This is how I overcome creative block: redraw something shitty I did back in the day and make it suck less. :)

2013 version, single:

About Xy-Myrvia (pronounced "zai mur-vee-ah"):

Xy-Myrvia was a fake RPG I created back in high school, but used characters I drew when I was a kid. I made the complete PlayStation 2 game cover in 2006 and the characters somewhat had backstories, but other than that I didn't develop the idea any further.

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