Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pikachu Used Thundershock 5

EDM Arena batch 5 is now released!
For the previous Pikachu Used Thundershock playlists, here's one, two, three, and four.

Here's the rundown:

Rivet (Pegboard Nerds)
     - Another simple character who's name took a while to figure out, Rivet smashes the shit out of whatever gets in his way (or for fun) with a giant, peg-shaped mallet.

Vario (Savant)
     - At first, I had a vigilante idea for a Savant character, but Savant's music and already existing iconography of a Mario-influenced mascot with a Guy Fawkes mask was strong enough and lovable. "Vario" is the name of one of Savant's albums. Not much was changed in designing Vario, he pretty much looks like the character on the "Vario" album, but I wanted to give him a bit more of a "V for Vendetta" look, so I added a cape. Then I realized the Mario universe already has a cape...

Bluetail (Blackmill)
     - Straightforward design from Blackmill's squirrel logo, Bluetail is an ethereal creature who's fluffy tail is made of soundwaves and will change its shape depending on what song Bluetail wishes to play (idea from Kezrek Laczin). In this pic, the tail is depicting one of Blackmill's songs: "My Love".

Mirza Sarchaser (Coyote Kisses - info on this character here)

The Upbeast (The Upbeats - info on this character here)

Already have possible peeps lined up for 6. Stay tuned! :)